Saturday, December 4, 2010

Taking Care of Wooden Utensils

~ I love wooden utensils, crazy huh?

~ I do not put my wooden utensils in my dishwasher.
I have learned, it will destroy them, not immediately,
but they won't last as long.

~ I wash wooden utensils by hand using
antibacterial dish soap and then
put them in the draining rack.
I don't let them soak for hours either,
I get them washed right away.
~ If my wooden utensils get rough, I make sure the utensil is dry and
then I sand it lightly (fine sandpaper - 320 grit works well).

~ Every other week, I treat all my wooden utensils with Bamboo Oil. 
However, once I run out of Bamboo Oil that I bought,
I'm just going to use olive oil, I have heard it works just as well. 

~ Every time I go to the thrift store, I look at their utensils and end up
finding a wooden spoon or utensil, if it is in decent shape,
I will buy it and bring it home and wash it in a bleach
and antibacterial dish soap solution to sterilize it. 
Then after it dries, I give it the oil treatment. 

~ I don't know why I love wooden utensils so much but I do!
Crazy, huh?

click on picture for closer view
My utensils have just been treated as
well as one of my cutting boards.

I let them sit for a couple
of hours in my dish drainer for the oil to soak in and 
then place them in my utensil crock,
they are ready for their next assignment.

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~ Lisa ~

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  1. Oh Lisa that's a beautiful collection! I too love wooden utensils and I don't have to worry about washing them in the dishwasher as I AM the dishwasher! I'll have to remember to treat them with the olive oil I always keep on hand, nice tips, thanks! ~Lili


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