Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cake Decorating Supplies

~ I am so excited!  Over what you ask? 
My Mom has passed along her cake decorating supplies to me. 

(click on any picture for closer view)
 Over 50 different decorating tips and the book
my Mom used and the recipes for icing.  Can you say YAY?

~ Maybe my Mom saw this cake I recently made for my husband who is a serious hunter and thought I needed some help?  (don't laugh... he LOVED his cake)

Only a "true" hunter can appreciate this cake!

~ When I was younger, she used to make beautiful cakes for our birthdays. 
We had 6 kids so we couldn't afford fancy birthday cakes... so she made them.

~ She slowly purchased Wilson cake decorating tips and supplies,
which are pretty expensive and her collection grew. 

~ My Mom now has Parkinson's Disease and it is very hard for her to use her supplies like she used to.  She has had her supplies sitting in her cabinets for years.  She saw a few attempts I have made at making cakes and asked me if I wanted her supplies. 

~ I don't think I'll ever be as good as she was at her skill of decorating but now that I have some nice tips and the book she learned from, I will give it a try.

~ Not only am I happy to get the cake decorating tips and book she had, but these things have a history for my family and mean so much to me.  I will treasure them for years to come and each time I use them, I will always think of my Mom and the many cakes she made for our family and how good they were and how much time and effort she put into seeing that we had great times as kids,
even if we didn't have much money.

~ It is the effort and time that we give to each other that means more than money. 
Money could never buy those things, EVER. ♥

~ Thanks for stopping by ~
~ Lisa ~

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