Friday, March 4, 2011

Perfect Omelet in a Ziploc Bag

Want to make a perfect omelet? 

I've adopted this process at my home now 
and the omelet comes out perfect
every single time.

You can let each person include their favorites
for their own omelet.

I was home alone last week when I made mine,
I added a couple of slices of ham,
I cut the ham into bite-size pieces.

I also added a bit of chopped onion
and salt, pepper to mine.

You can add whatever you want.
I was going to add cheese but
am trying to cut back so I didn't this time.

Whip the 2 eggs and whatever else you want to add.
I do mine a little bit different from
the instructional video I am attaching,
but am going back to the way I used to do it, like on the video.


(click on any picture for a closure view)

I mixed mine in a bowl without the Ziploc bag,
but next time, I'm going to just
shake the bag, like it instructs in the video.

Here is mine cooking in a pot of boiling water. 

Sorry about the picture quality on this picture.
Here is my finished result.
This omelet was so delicious.
It is what I make almost every Sunday morning.

You can make them too, if you have kids,
they can help and add their own favorites.

For instructions to make your own
delicious omelet, click here
to watch the instructional video.

This is great to mix up prior to a camping
trip but I like to use it at home for the
perfect omelet every single time. 


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  1. I love making these, so easy and really no mess to clean up! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my goodness Lisa, what a fantabulous idea! I love it. I'm definitely going to try it next time I make an omelet. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a fantabulous day my sweet friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,


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