Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ready to go back to work.....

Where did the last couple of months go?
One moment I was clearing away the Christmas
decorations and now Summer fashions
are everywhere to be seen in the stores.

In a little over three weeks the Spring equinox
will take place and a new season will have officially begun.

Time for new beginnings for mother nature and for me.

Tomorrow, I start my new job. 

I am joining the staff at Methodist - IU Health in Indianapolis.
Yes, I am extremely excited.

Aerial view of Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis

Here is a little bit of information on my new employer:

Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis is the largest
hospital in the State of Indiana and is
a part of Indiana University Health.

Methodist is one of only two regional
Level I Trauma Centers in Indiana,
has 802-staffed beds and is one of the
largest teaching hospitals in the area.

The hospital specializes in numerous
treatment areas, including adult cardiovascular
services provided in the new
Clarian Cardiovascular Center.

Methodist physicians and staff performed
the first open-heart surgery in Indiana in 1965.
The hospital is also considered a neurosurgery
center of excellence, as well as an expert
 in organ transplantation, urology,
neurology, orthopedics and pediatrics.

Methodist also staffs the LifeLine helicopter
ambulances and houses the Indiana Poison Center.
In 2004, Indiana University Health
became Indiana's first magnet hospital system.

Indiana University Health operates the
Methodist Hospital, Indiana University Hospital
and James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for Children
campuses as a single hospital under Indiana law. 
They are all connected by the
Indiana University Health People Mover.

Trivia ~ I volunteered at Methodist Hospital
over 35 years ago during my
Summer vacation from high school. 

We were called Beaconettes instead of
Candy Stripers -
(a candy striper delivered mail
or patient meals, they might help feed,
or read to a patient; assist as a patient
is discharged; or deliver messages.
Other duties include transporting
book or video carts to patient rooms).

The reason we were called Beaconettes is
because the hospital has a
Beacon on top of the building.

The Lighthouse of Health Beacon
was first lit in 1933. The lighthouse is a major
landmark downtown, and can
be easily spotted in the city.

The beacon was a donated gift and was
dedicated to “servants of religion,
who would serve the sick;
to servants of medical science,
who would service humanity;
and to the servants of philanthropy,
who would live for others.”

Oh, and one more reason while I know this
was the place I was meant to work,
this is the hospital I was born in.

My first day will be an all day Orientation and
a tour of the hospital. 

I'm so excited to make some new friends and
to help make a difference in life.

I'll have to save my projects for the weekends now!

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