Saturday, February 19, 2011

English Lavender

Check out my latest and greatest discovery.
bathing soap - lavender fragrance

 I cannot get enough of this smell;
it is such a lovely lavender fragrance.

I love the fragrance that lingers in the bathroom after I shower. 
It's not overwhelming, it's a clean, simple scent. 

I am going to keep several extra
bars on hand so that I never run out.

I am thinking of adding "Lavender" to my garden. 
I was looking for something "new" to add this year.

I don't know much about growing Lavender but I
did some research here and am going to give it a try this Spring. 

Lavender is considered a "romantic" plant.

Romans used lavender oils for bathing,
cooking, and scenting the air,
and they most likely gave it the Latin root name
(either lavare-to wash or livendula- livid or bluish)
from which we derive the modern name.

The flower's soothing ,"tonic" qualities,
the insect repellent effects of the strong scent,
and the use of the dried plant in smoking
mixtures also added to the value
placed in the herb by the ancients.

I want to make my own Lavender sachets for my closet and my drawers.
I found some DIY instructions from Martha Stewart here.

Lavender Sachets for your closet or drawers

Yardley has a few other scents in the bar soap but Lavender is my favorite.

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