Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thinking of a Valentine's Day Gift or Two....

~ I've been thinking of a gift or two to give my husband for Valentine's Day. 

~ He works so hard. He isn't the kind of man who just goes out and
purchases items because he wants them. 

~ He is very frugal.  I love this about him because I too, am the same way.

~ He keeps talking about a couple things that he would like to have. 
I listen when my man speaks... because it isn't to
often that he mentions things he would like to have.

~ One of the things he keeps mentioning is a book written by
Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones.  He loves the Rolling Stones.

~ So, it is on my list to pick up today.

~ I came up with the idea of putting some notes inside of the book,
so that as he reads through it, he will find them and think of ME!

~ I found these little notes online ( click here ) that you can print and cut up. 
I am going to cut them up and place them throughout the book.

~ Another item he keeps mentioning.... is camouflaged shorts. 
YES, you heard me, CAMO SHORTS.  Men and their camo.

~ I've ordered them from Cabela's. 
He received his 3 inch thick Spring Edition catalog the other day.
(I am not exaggerating, the book is LARGE and it's hard covered)

~ I've watched as he sits in the evenings and drools over this catalog.
Kind of how I used to do with the J.C. Penney catalog that they
boo hoo...

~ HOWEVER, as I was placing the order, I was told they are on backorder so on Valentine's Day....He'll get this same picture in his card until they send the shorts in the mail.  It's okay, it's a little too cold to wear them now anyway!

~ I think that about does it for his Valentine's Day gifts.

~ Oh, and I did see these brownies from another blog,
I am going to make them for him.

 click HERE for the easy recipe.

~ I think my husband will enjoy his Valentine's Day this year, don't you?

~ Are you going to do something special for your Valentine?


~ Thanks for stopping by ~

~ Lisa ~

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  1. That is such a cool idea to put those little notes in that book for him, and of course anything heart shaped and chocolate is always yummy! We have plans to go to our favorite place for dinner, a local Thai restaurant! Have fun Lisa! ~Lili


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