Friday, August 27, 2010

Date Night

~ It's Friday {TGIF}.... even though, since I am not currently working (outside) the home, every day seems like Friday to me.  {snickering here}  Yes, I am enjoying my time off from working.  I have been blessed with the most amazing Summer that I can remember in a long, long, loooong time and I have painted 3 rooms in our home, 2 barn doors, 2 overhead garage doors... still have the foundation of the house to paint, the front porch, MY BEDROOM.... a cedar chest, a dresser... and countless other odds and ends 'to do' on my list.... however.... tonight is a date night!

~ Guess what we are doing!  We have been waiting for perfect weather to go and I think it's finally here...and the perfect movie too (seems they been showing those vampire movies ALL Summer long). 

~ We will be seeing "Dinner for Schmucks" at the drive-in.  Should be funny... I hope the popcorn is good.  ☺

I have not been to a drive-in in let's see.... over 30 years,
I'm feeling like I'm in the movie "Happy Days". 

Thanks for stopping by....

~ Lisa ~

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