Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yard Sale Bargain....

~ It seems that I cannot drive past a yard sale without STOPPING.  You just never know what you are going to find that you might purchase for a bargain price.  I was on my way home from a bridal shower on Saturday and drove past 2 garage sales.  This mirror is one of my bargains.... (before and after pictures, of course)

I arrived home, ran inside, grabbed my camera
and took a couple of before shots. 

I knew right away when I first saw it,
it was going to be painted glossy white
and be placed on my guest room wall.

~ I fell it love with it immediately ~

Look at me, in the mirror and a few branches off the tree too.
It's not plastic, it's made of plaster and is heavy.
It looks whimsical, I love it. 

I took a picture of it outside because I was carrying it
down to the barn to wait for me... to.... do my magic. 

~ So fast forward a few days and ta dah.... I have it primed, painted and hanging in my guest room.  I'm also posting another yard sale find I picked up on Saturday ♥ I got it from a nearby neighbor. 

I'm loving the details of this frame.
I hung it in our guest bedroom. 
Look what I caught in the reflection... it is hanging on the opposite wall.
One of my former postings.

~ Here is another bargain.... picked up on Saturday also.  The person having the sale is having another sale in October, she has my PHONE NUMBER so I can attend......
I love her style and her little home is absolutely charming. 

Here is my other yard sale find! 
Now when guests stay overnight, they can lay their luggage
on here or sit on here to tie their shoes....

It was painted an ivory color but I primed it and spray painted it white. 
Now I have to do something with that seat cover. 
It's not staying, it clashes with my other colors...to pinky!

I have a valance hanging up but not using the panels in this room,
so... I could make a seat cover out of the panels to match...
or go with something totally different. 

I guess I'll add the seat cover to my "project list".


It's early morning and I've heard it's going to get up to 95 today ....
I need to head out to the barn and get some of my work done early...
so I'm not baking in that heat later on today!

~ Thanks for stopping by ~
~ Lisa ~


  1. Love it! I also love the bench. Ok now I want to know where you stopped! If you think about it, it's all thanks to me that you even found those finds. lol just kidding :) Good job sprucing them up. Can't wait to see the seat cover.

  2. It was actually your Sister's fault that I was out and about right? She received so many wonderful things for her home. I found my bench just around the corner from my home. The lady having the sale is having another one in October, her entire home is decorated {shabby chic}... I only have one room that is shabby... LOL... I would LOVE to do my entire home that way but uh... Kevin would not. Just like you... I am a city girl... married to a country boy... but loving it. I'll post a picture of the seat cover I decided to go with SOON.

  3. Beautiful Lisa. How unique the mirror is with the reflection.

  4. Can't wait to see other projects your gonna do.


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