Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Roaming Outdoors

~ I walked outside just after sunrise this morning to water what flowers/plants are still living, this was my view as I looked out of the garage, so peaceful and serene and a bit foggy.... come visit and walk with me....

Off in the distance you can barely see more trees

I love my little yellow home in the country!

I dont' know how this wave petunia has survived the HOT Summer heat,
I just gave it a HUGE drink of rain water... I enjoy the beauty of the deep purple flowers.

It seems this tree has a personality with his facial features,
I can enjoy him as I sit on my porch swing or looking out my kitchen window, he is fun!
I purchased his face from Meijer and helped him to come alive,
he reminds me of a snowman but only he is a tree.

Even though her legs were broken by a snow plow in Winter 2009,
she still is beautiful and watches over the little yellow home in the country ♥
I got her from a garage sale years ago and she has traveled many places with me.

Hummingbirds will start migrating soon, I've filled up the feeder for the last time this season,
I'll soon wash it and store it away for next Spring.

This picture doesn't show the colors of this birdhouse very good,
I decided to hang in on the side of the tree instead of up in the tree so we can enjoy it's beauty. 

I got this little goodie at a thrift store this year for .99 Cents,
I hung it on a tree and it fills up with rain water for the birds...
with this heat, it's needed a little help from me. 
Every time I water flowers, I put some water in it as well.
Our garden is about done producing for the season,
I can tell you that I've had the best "fried green tomatoes" ever
{SEVERAL TIMES} for lunch.  ☺

It has been one of the best Summer's of my life this year.

This is our mini-forest of pines trees. 
Not so fun to mow around but hiding deep inside is {Shhhhh} a hammock,
Kevin likes to take his paper out there and read and relax...
I like to take my favorite decorating magazine out there and do the same!

This is our barn...and oh how I love red barns.
Oh what a peaceful scenery this is..... but inside is where
I like to hang out and work on my projects.
Can you see the windmill tower?  The windmill is gone but the tower still stands strong.
We have approximately 12 birdhouses now to hang up on the tower. 
I will share pictures after that project is done.

This is the playhouse.  It needs to be repainted {another project on my list}.  The grandkids love to hang out here, inside is a little kitchen with a table and chairs, stove, refrigerator, sink... fake food, dishes.... dolls, etc.  It even has a loft.... you can see the staircase through the door... AND it has SPIDERS... .so I am making a habit of spraying it when I spray inside my home.  The grandkids AND I...well, we don't like SPIDERS!

This is where Kevin and I relax after a LONG day...
or... on a Saturday or Sunday morning enjoying coffee. 
It's our favorite spot to be! 
Just a swang-en....and watching 1, 2 or maybe 3 cars drive by all night. 
Ahhhh.... lovin my little yellow home in the country ☺

~ Lisa ~

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