Wednesday, August 25, 2010

End Table(s) Re-Do and a Tour

~ These are 2 end tables I purchased {cheaply might I add} off of Craigslist recently.  I searched and searched to find the exact type of tables I wanted and.... if you wait long enough, God DOES answer prayers.

~ I stripped the tops, sanded...sanded...and ....sanded some more.  I then re-stained them with a medium oak stain and gave them 2 coats of polyurethane to protect the surface.  I removed the legs and sanded, primed and painted them and the base with colonial red.  I then distressed them with a mocha stain giving them an aged look.  They will be used in our extra room that we watch TV in or as we are calling it, our bonus/Patriotic room.  It's a small room but very cozy and the windows along the West wall provide such great light, our view is pine trees/cornfields. 

Before Pictures:  It didin't matter what color they were went I bought them,
they were going to be painted RED no mater what,
I just had to find the right style I wanted and make sure they were WOOD.

After Pictures:  The flash makes the table appear lighter than it is,
it is a deep red and I'm this color.

The top turned out fanstatic.... it should have, I used a lot of elbow grease on my sanding.
I have a placemat {that is Patriotic} that I will use on top
to help protect the finish {shhh... it's in the washer}

Remember these {earlier posting}...they now have a home to rest upon.

Wish I had a better camera to catch the beauty.
See my patriotic lamp on the table or some of it anyway?

Side view ~ I'm loving this color ♥

I thought I would give you a quick tour of my room. 
I got this magazine holder at the thrift store for $2.99. 
I didn't have to do a thing to it. 
I ♥ it and the colors matched perfectly. 

Just a few of the things I've collected from garage sales/thrift stores/friends/family.... etc
This shelf is painted in the same paint as the end table...
it was my test to see if I liked the process I used... it passed.

My valances... no curtains for these windows... we can't cover up the beautiful country view!

These are made by
I purchased these from the General Merchantile store in Nashville, IN,
she stocks Park Designs products...

This is my favorite store. Guess what color the store is?
YELLOW.... see a picture below of the store below.

 It's so quaint...and wonderful to sit outside {or inside} and enjoy lunch.
I asked the owner if I could live here.... that's how much I L*O*V*E it.

She is a charming woman, she owned several Dairy Queens in the past,
but she sold them all and bought this store and she said she works her fanny off.

It's my favorite store in the whole town! 

Here is a view of the a corner of the room... see the lazy boy... uh... that is NOT mine
I painted the walls a beige color after I did a knock-down texture on them.
{Another project I did.... that took lots of back breaking, elbow grease}
100 year old walls can be imperfect but they are PERFECT now!
This shelf... also painted with the same paint I used on the end table, it was a garage sale find.
The flag {which is a heavy metal} and the eagle decoration came from the Antique Store.
Oh...and all the outlet covers which are wooden... done in the same process RED paint!

Yes... even a patriotic clock... it was originally $30 but got it for $11 on clearance at Staples. 
I refinished the clock in the same blue I used on the lamp and distressed the clock. 
It has a flag picture and that is what I like about it.
I had to get some BLUE in this room too. 

The bicentennial plate was a gift from my Mother in-law,
the glass candle holder which is red white and blue {thrift store find YAY} was only $1.99. 
The shelf is from a store in Nashville, the star was dark brown,
Kevin painted it ...{c'mon...what color}... RED the same color we used on the lamps,
the shelves, the end table and soon...
a cedar chest {another project} ☺

This is my little bench, {no not for time-out}...well maybe. 
I sat the remote on it to show the actual size, it's perfect to prop your feet up on...
set your iced tea or coffee on, set the remote on if I ever got it that is
{for some reason, it's always in someone else's hands when HE is home}. 
It was $20 from the antique store....and already painted the perfect colors.
It was a real steal....

I saw this in a magazine, "Terry's Village" I think it was, it was $7.99... so I purchased it. 
I couldn't resist... it was too cute!

Even the bird feeder just outside the window has some Patriotic decor.... 

And... let's not forget.... our Patriotic birdhouse, you can see this birdhouse
as you sit in our "Patriotic" room.  It is still for rent...
we have not seen any activity in it yet...
however, it was just hung last weekend.  {Thank you Kevin}

~ Thanks for stopping by..... hope you enjoyed the tour!

~ Lisa ~

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