Monday, August 30, 2010

Lovely Morning Bike Ride.... (or was it?)

~ My son has been storing his bike in our garage.  Kevin has taken it out a few times lately (we have been thinking/debating on getting bikes for ourselves).  So, this morning, I thought I would go for a bike ride.  Kevin assured me there were no dogs that chased him so I felt safe and energetic this morning and thought I'd go for a beautiful morning ride. 

~ Come along on this painful wonderful  ride that I took this morning.  Scenery beautiful, bike painful nice too.

My son's bike.... I am borrowing it to take a morning ride.
It's not starting off to great, there is no cup holder to hold my coffee. 
Hmmm...not good, guess the coffee has to stay home!

Oh what a lovely morning, let's get started.....

 I had to stop and take a picture of the beautiful morning glories.

Look.... another stop....several different colors of morning glories all together...

Hmmm... which way to go.  Let's go check out the creek... so we'll go straight!

We need some rain for this little creek. 
You can't really see them but there are
a couple of cows in the background, the other day,
Kevin was riding the bike and one was out on the road,
he helped "round em up" as you would say, he and 2 other men that is.

I zoomed in to get a better picture.

~ I have been riding the bike for less than 5 minutes and already my legs are like rubber and my fanny is hurting something terrible.  I don't know about this bike riding stuff.  It's been many, many years since I have been on a bike.  I think I know why I am in so much pain (at least in my fanny area)!

This is the reason, LQQK at this seat!!!
 That is why my fanny is on fire hurting!
As for the rubbery feeling in my legs,
that is probably fat jiggling all
around not knowing what the heck is going on!


Oh OK, let's ride a bit more... but try to head towards home,
I don't know how far I can make it!

I thought I might go East a bit...
 "keep going" I kept telling myself,
you can do it... you can do it!

OK.... heading West.... {I see my shadow}...
time to get back home before I DIE out here.

Ohhhh... I am so close to home, just over that hill,
I hope I can make it, my legs are so rubbery and
my fanny is in so much pain from that itty bitty seat!

I'm home.... I'm almost there.....
 just a few more peddles....
I am so close!

Getting closer.... {gasping for air}

Open that garage door and lets put this bike away.
I'm never going on another bike ride again unless I have a more
comfortable seat....and I have picked out the perfect seat for MY bike.

Ahhh.... cushioned, has back support, even shocks...
I think it's a perfect bike seat, don't you?

OK, so I'll be a little more realistic, perhaps I could ride a bike if it had a seat like this.

Conclusion:  I do not plan on getting a bike anytime soon after this experience....
but... I'm glad you could come along and share in the pain fun with me. 

{Thanks for stopping by}

~ Lisa ~

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