Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wild Life around The Little Yellow Home in the Country

~ I love catching photos of the wildlife around our area.  Our 2 favorite photos so far are the red head woodpecker and the owl.  We could of had one of a skunk Kevin trapped in a cage but I passed on that one.  Maybe next time, I'll get brave. 

Not a very good picture.... he was swinging and moving as I took this shot.

He was so big, he cast a shadow over the
 room when he came to the feeder to eat.

Kevin snapped this picture,
he couldn't get to close or the owl would fly off.
The birds go crazy when Mr. Owl is around, they chirp LOUD and fast....
I would too if I thought I was going to be someones dinner!

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~ Lisa ~

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  1. These are great pictures!!! Keep posting.


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