Thursday, October 7, 2010

An Adorable Hat

~ I have a new interest.  I want to learn to crochet knit. 
I especially want to learn so I can make this cute, adorable hat for my granddaughters. 

~ Isn't it just adorable? 

click on picture for closer viewing

~ I have to give credit to this picture from a new blog that I found that I love, love, love called Dear Lilly

~ Her mother has amazing style and I love looking at the pictures 
and how she dresses Lilly.

~ So, I am ready to learn how to crochet knit. 
My Stepmother used to crochet (see knitted also) and she
made lots of wonderful things. 
I think she enjoyed it very much and it must of been relaxing. 
She made lots of afghans {so very warm}.

~ It's something to do while I sit and watch listen to sports
on Sundays {all day} and Monday's {at night}
and many other times because we have the wonderful DVR.
* This hat is actually knitted and not crocheted,
I had to edit this post to make a correction.


~ Thanks for stopping by ~
~ Lisa ~


  1. I like to crochet! It is fun and makes you feel good to know how to do something that many people do not. Grandma taught me how when I was little. Then I stopped and picked it back up years later. You can learn a LOT from youtube crochet videos. Its much easier to watch a video than to read confusing crochet instructions.

  2. Thanks for the tip Sara, I will check out some Youtube video's. I never thought of using Youtube for that, usually only cooking recipes. ♥

  3. That hat is adorable, and so is the Dear Lillie blog. I actually ordered a tutu from them for one of our grand daughters and it was so gorgeous! Crocheting is fun, although I knit alot better than crochet! Happy learning! ~Lili


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