Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Hunting "HE" will go.....

~ Hunting season is here!
It started October 1st.

~ The talk among the men (and some women) is nothing but "deer" talk.
Yes... I knew he was somewhat of a "Daniel Boone" type guy when
we married so I cannot complain about his hunting at all....and I never do.

~ He enjoys it so much. 

Kevin says he loves hanging out
in a tree stand on a nice, crisp morning.

~ Tree stands are nothing like Lazy-boys...and no remotes...
and it can get really cold out there. 

~ I don't understand the fun in it but then God didn't
create women to be hunters.

~ I hope Kevin does well this year,
a happy hunter makes for a nice evening at home.

This photo is from last year....
I snapped it with my cellphone while
we were having a bon-fire out in our back yard.

~ Check out this photo, it was taken
the day after hunting season was over last year!

I think this deer is saying
"nan nuh nan nuh poo poo you
didn't catch me".

~ Thanks for stopping by ~
~ Lisa ~

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  1. Oh that's so funny that deer sticking out his tongue! Your hubby looks all ready for stalking the big one! ~Lili


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