Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jewelry Cabinet

~ All my necklaces, bracelets and earrings... are kind of just thrown into 2 drawers.  They always get tangled and the earrings get separated (sigh). 

~ I'm keeping my eye on this ~sweet~ little cabinet at the Antique store to turn into my Jewelry cabinet and hang in my bathroom.
Since the house (part of it) is over 100 years old,
the rooms are quite large,
so I have a rather LARGE master bathroom,
it even has a sit-down vanity.

~ The shelves of this cabinet are removable, 
so I'll remove the top shelf and put in some hooks. 
The bottom shelf will be for bracelets and earrings. 

~ I might just leave it as it is... or replace the glass with mirror. 
I probably won't paint it either... it's just the way I like it.
I'm watching and waiting for the price to go down. 

The angle of the picture makes the
cabinet appear small but it is rather large. 

~ Thanks for stopping by ~
~ Lisa ~


  1. Lisa, Your sweet little yellow home in the country is GORGEOUS! Where oh where did you find that fabulous bird house? I'm sure enjoying myself having a look around here. You have supplied me with a few doses of inspiration on here already! ~Lili

  2. Thnks for stopping by Lili ♥.... and for your sweet comment. My bird house came from Hobby Lobby at one of the 50% off sales. I painted it yellow to match my home. Having a blog fun. I'm enjoying meeting new people through blogging... and becoming followers of those folks. I am NOW a follower of your blog. Thank you again for the camera information. ♥ ~ Lisa from Indiana ~


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