Monday, September 6, 2010

Feels like a new shelf

~ Remember these?  I showed them to you some time ago. 
With some help from my husband, I was able to shorten the screws that are permanently a part of these knobs. 

He used a special tool and his "manly " strength.  ☺

(click on pictures for better viewing)

Ceramic drawer knobs I purchased from Hobby Lobby at 50% off. 
That means they were $1.99 each. 

Here is a shelf hanging in my dining room...
I got it from "Take Root" in old downtown Greenwood.
It's for pictures ... of my grandkids!
I call it my "grandkid" shelf.

Here is a closer look at the knobs currently on the shelf!

They are glass. 

I am removing them and replacing them with my new ceramic knobs.
Don't worry... I won't waste them. 

I already have a new home for them...
(will show you in another post).

Here is the shelf now. 
I'm still working on getting updated pictures.

I have several picture frames with NO pictures.
The shiny ones are pewter...
I got those ALL of them at the thrift store....
but look closer at the "new knobs".

(click on picture for better viewing)

I ♥  it.

Now... I will collect some items to hang on the knobs....
and get some updated pictures of the grandkids....
and get new pictures of the new grandbaby {in the oven}
when HE gets here!

~ Thanks for stopping by ~

~ Lisa ~

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