Thursday, September 2, 2010

I love Wicker....

~ So the other day, I passed a garage sale {again}...
could not resist stopping {again}. 

What bargain might be waiting for me? 
I found a few...the mirror, the birdhouse...
but this is one... I just finished working on. 

~ Of course, there is a "BEFORE" picture. 
This plant stand is in excellent shape as far as sturdiness....
so some primer and paint will make it all new again ♥

(click on photos for closer views)

This cute but neglected plant stand was only $1.00
The paint is peeling and is in need of some TLC....
Which is exactly what I gave it.

I primed and painted the plant stand and placed it on my porch.
It only has a short time to be outside this year.

I took my hanging basket and placed it in the plant stand just to
see what it look like...

but next year...
it will be a home for a nice fern.

~ Today is Thursday, a lot of garage sales happen on Thursdays....
I don't know why, lots of people are at work on Thursdays!

I am heading out to visit a few sales. 
I only allow myself $20 unless I find a real bargain...
then I usually will write a check... {if they allow}
or write a check to hold {my bargain} and come back later with cash. 

Soon, all the yard and garage sales will be ending
{boo hoo}...what will I do? 
Perhaps, I might just have to get a job soon. 


~ Thanks for stopping by ~
~ Lisa ~

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  1. That really looks nice. A fern will be beautiful in it.


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