Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet Smell

~ There is absolutely nothing better than the sweet smell
of sun dried sheets fresh off the clothesline.

~  And what's more, this "solar drier" will also help me save energy!

~ It was time to change the sheets. 
Instead of switching to my other set,
I just decided to wash the current sheets and put them back on the bed.   

~ Usually, I can't hang sheets outside because it's so windy. 
The wind just blows them right OFF the clothesline onto the ground.

~ We sometimes call our home "Windy Acres"....
as you can see, there is nothing to BLOCK
the West wind or the North or South wind :o)

Click on picture for closer view

It looks as though the sheet is dragging the ground but it isn't. 

Now, I have to finish hanging the rest of the sheets....so I need to go. 

It's so nice out and NOT windy,
maybe I will wash the mattress pad as well.
Oh that sweet, sweet smell. 

~ Thanks for stopping by ~
~ Lisa ~

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