Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An old dresser made brand new!

~ I have completed another project on my long "to do" list. 

~ I am very pleased with how beautiful it turned out. 

~ I purchased this dresser for $20.00 and of course, I have a before photo.

(click on photos for closer view)

I looked past what it was and imagined what it could be

I do this with a lot of things I see.

Ta dah....

Remember the glass knobs I took off of my "Grandkid" shelf? 

I recycled 4 of them {I have 2 left}
 I only had to buy 3 new handles to match for the bottom drawers. 
Found these at Lowes.

My picture quality isn't so great because if I used the flash,
it shined off of my glossy dresser and made a glare on the photo. 

Did I mention that I primed and sanded and sanded and sanded????
All my hard work usually pays off. 

I display my wedding bouquet in a cute rubber boot on the top.

Now, I am going to find a "favorite" blankie for each Grandkid
and will store it in these drawers. 

When they visit, they will know where to go to get their
very own "blankie" to snuggle and watch movies or cartoons
and have popcorn with Mimi and Grandpa.


~ Thanks for stopping by ~

~ Lisa ~ 


  1. And yet another clever piece!!


  2. Lisa, great job on the dresser. I love your boot display. Thanks so much for joining the party.

  3. What a sweet idea with the blankets in the drawers...Great refinish and love the color.

    Take care.

  4. Great job! The white looks so nice and fresh!


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