Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet the Little People in My Life - {Grandkids}

** Edited on January 23, 2011 to include the newest kid on the block!
see end of this post for "newest kid on the block"

~ I would like to BRAG on my Grandkids. 

~ So far, I have 5 ... and there is one on the way {it's a boy}. 

~ I was shocked when I heard I was going to be a Grandmother for the first time,
I felt I was TOOOOO young to be called "Grandma". 
I cried in joy and I cried in fear...
being a Grandma meant you were old...
{didn't it?}

~ After it all sunk in, I was very excited and I decided I
was NOT going to be called "Grandma",
I was going to be called "Mimi". 

~ Mimi sounds like a 'fun' and 'YOUNGER' word ...
I wanted my Grandkids to always have fun with Mimi
{well almost always}

click on pictures for closer view

I have a couple "Mimi" signs.  

The oldest is

Braden Daniel...
Just recently, Braden went camping and did a little fishing.
Braden is JUST like his Father and loves to read books that are 4 inches thick,
really....I am NOT kidding! 

He is VERY smart..... and likes to read encyclopedia's.


Meet "Princess" Grace Elizabeth...(that is what I call her),
she has a great mixture of being a Tomboy...
but can also be a Princess at the same time.
She is the social "kid" in the family and loves to talk to everyone.


Emma Leigh....loves to draw and is very good at it,
she is a bit wet here after playing in Mimi's sprinkler.
Emma has the prettiest BLUE eyes.


Ms. Olivia Moon
Sometimes, we just call her Moon. 
She is developing quite a funny personality.
She is an only child {so far}
and loves to do what her cousins {Grace and Emma} do. 
I think she is going to be somewhat tomboy-ish but with the perfect amount of feminism.


Hayden Gene is the youngest so far. 
He is "the dude" (as we call him). 
We can see his personality developing every time we see him.
He is a clone of his Daddy for sure.
He will be having his first birthday in December!

You have met all my rug-rats Grandchildren. 
They make me smile. 

~ There is another Grandchild on the way....
we know it's a boy...
so we'll have 3 boys and 3 girls.... and
for now we will just call him
"Braden's Little Brother"!
**Now known as Asher Joseph

* * Editing this post to include the newest
addition to our family born on January 17, 2011

Asher Joseph... January 17, 2011

~ Thanks for stopping by ~

~ Lisa ~

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