Sunday, October 3, 2010

Braden's First Time Hunting

~ Braden has had his first hunting experience at 8 years and 363 days old.  


~ I picked Braden up from his parents around 11am Saturday morning to have an overnighter with his Grandparents and to {possibly} have his first hunting experience.

~ On the way home, I had to answer what seemed like over 100 questions about hunting.  However, I had pass the buck (ha ha) and say,
"wait until we get home and ask the REAL hunter". 

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Braden is ready to go, just a few things left to do and they can be on their way.

Filling up the spray bottle with Scent Killer. 

Braden thinks the spray smells like dirt, he is correct.

Braden is attaching Kevin's foam seat.
Kevin is wearing his safety straps for the tree stand,

Braden has his stool strapped around his arm,
 he will be sitting at the base of the tree,

he is still to young to be in the tree. 
He assured us he could climb a tree but
Kevin is teaching him safety
(most important part of hunting)
so he has to start out SLOW.
He agreed.

Checking to make sure everything is connected correctly.

Looks like they are both all set to go.
Braden has binoculars in his pouch so
he can check things out from the ground.

Before I took Braden to my house, we stopped at the Mall
and I purchased him some clothing for his birthday. 
We saw a pair of camouflaged pants hanging on
the wall as soon as we got off the escalator at
JC Penney, it was like they were calling his name. 

Well, guess who HAD to have them. 
We were there to buy JEANS NOT Camo pants. 
I wonder if he will sleep in them tonight? 

 ☺   ☺   ☺

~ Fast forward 4 hours later

~ Kevin said when they got to the hunting spot,
he positioned Braden at the base of the tree,
got him all set up and then Kevin climbed up.

~ Eventually, Kevin had to come down and
sit with Braden because Braden
kept looking up and yelling,
"my neck hurts from looking up at you".

~ They did see 2 doe and 1 buck,
the bucks antlers were only as long as the
fingers on your hand so Kevin
couldn't shoot him.

~ In our county, you can only have
one buck a season and Kevin didn't want to waste it on
such a small animal that still needed
time to grow and mature.

~ I'm actually glad they didn't get any
deer on Braden's first trip,
I'm not sure how Braden will react to
seeing a deer processed for food. 

~ It is something I think he needs
to be taught slowly and not
just thrown into on his first hunting outing....
but that is a Mimi's thought process
and I'm only a hunter of bargains....
not animals.

~ Thanks for stopping by ~

~ Lisa ~

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