Monday, October 11, 2010

Back in the project business.... but s l o w l y

~ I was pretty much banned from doing any more projects until I
completed physical therapy. 

~ I had severe shoulder pain in my right shoulder
and couldn't raise my arm over my head and could barely bend it. 

~ Why you ask? 
Because, when I was laid off from my job in March,
Kevin and I decided that I could/would take the whole
Spring and Summer off and get a lot done around the house that needed done....
like painting rooms.

~ I love painting and home projects, etc., so I was excited to begin.
I've had people ask me why doesn't Kevin do all the painting. 
Oh he does lots of things too, but he isn't really fond of painting (like I am).

~ So, I begun my project (with the agreement with MYSELF) that I would start looking for a job once Fall arrived but I would get lots of projects done until then.

~ So I worked... hard and played hard too! 
Which then, resulted in an injured right shoulder,
so off to the doctor I went to get some miracle
medication to take care of the issue. 

~ But no miracle medications were prescribed,
instead, my doctor prescribed physical therapy after
I told him that I had been sanding and painting everything that
came into my sight.  

Doc said if physical therapy doesn't help, then we would schedule an MRI.

~ Seems I overused the muscles in the right shoulder
(because I am right handed) they were swollen and needed some TLC

~ The folks at Advanced Physical Therapy became my BEST friends.
They would massage my shoulder and taught me exercises to do to help get
my arm back to normal.  They were really amazing to work with.

~ I spent about 3 weeks in physical therapy and graduated this past Thursday. 
My arm is 75% back to normal and they told me I could start using it again for small projects but to continue my exercises, take frequent breaks from using it and
BUY A SANDER... (ha ha)
and check back in 2 weeks to see if I am still doing OK,
if I am then I will be "officially" released.

~ Kevin is helping me with the stretching exercises. 
One of them is like the position of being arrested and handcuffed,
he has to stretch my right arm up my back with my arm bent. 
I have to do it to the point of just feeling slight pain and hold it for 10 seconds. 
It helps to stretch the muscles in the shoulder and the tendons,
it hurts but at the same time feels good. 
I think he enjoys helping me with that exercise VERY MUCH.  ☺

~ Enough babbling about my physical therapy. 
Since I graduated and was given the "GO AHEAD
and slowly start using my arm speech",
I had a small project that has been screaming out to me. 
It involves a can of red spray paint. 
I used Krylon "Banner Red" Gloss spray.  

click on any picture for a closer view

I got this salt and pepper shaker from Hobby Lobby
(50% off) a while back with the intentions of spray painting it red.
I like how it looks whimsical and fun.

I have this rooster stand with double plates that I've had for years. 
He sets in the corner on my counter and I place fruit, cookies or cupcakes on him.

~ Both items needed some "spunk" added to them,
here is a picture of my end results of my small project.

Mr. Rooster looks spunky now, he actually stands out more
and so does my salt and pepper shaker. 

I picked up the spoon rest from Kmart. 
They now carry "Country Living" items and it was 50% off. 
There is a rooster at the top of the spoon rest. 
The colors all match perfectly.

~ I'm glad to be able to work on projects again but I still have
to take it slow and be careful about overusing my arm. 

~ I'll probably have to wait until next Spring to paint my bedroom,
I've only been working on it for about 2 years now{long story}.

~ I have the back door to our house primed (it was barn red before) and had to stop when I was in so much pain and start physical therapy. 
I need to finish painting the back door before it cold. 
I plan on doing that today. 
A little bit of painting and I'll be done with the back door. 

~ I still need to get the playhouse painted before Winter.
We replaced some rotted boards on it. 
Then, I will be done with outside painting for this year I think....????

~ Thanks for stopping by ~
~ Lisa ~

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  1. I hope the little projects will satisfy you until your arm is all healed. You got alot of bang for your buck though, that rooster looks fantastic in it's new red color! Oh and we stole away to Gatlinburg for a long weekend after we were married, so I tell everyone that was where we spent our honeymoon (we had no vacation left the year we were married). Haven't been back there for years, love Cades Cove though! ~Lili


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