Friday, October 8, 2010

Rose of Sharon

 ~ I'm SO excited.... and over what you ask? 
FREE STARTS of perennials... but not just any perennial. 


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I borrowed this picture because this is how I
will trim my "Rose of Sharon" bush once they start growing. 

~ In May, Kevin and I eloped to Gatlinburg, TN.
It was a great honeymoon, we were both a bit nervous at

We said our vows in the beautiful gardens,
it was Spring and the garden was in full bloom.

~ While we were in Tennessee, we both fell in love with the "Rose of Sharon" bushes blooming everywhere.  But it wasn't until we visited The Biltmore in Ashville, NC., that I knew I would eventually have some "Rose of Sharon" at
my little yellow home in the country.

~ As soon as we were back home after our honeymoon,
I had an appointment to get my hair cut. 
I was telling my wonderful friend and
beautician/hair dresser, Christa,
about my love for the "Rose of Sharon" bushes.

~ Christa then told me that in the Fall, she would give
me starts off of her "Rose of Sharon" bushes. 
I was so excited.  I was going to buy some bushes but if I could just wait,
I could be blessed and get some for free.

♥ Meet Christa ♥

Christa is also an Avon Representative in Greenwood, IN
if you are interested in purchasing Avon,
please click on her name and it will take you directly to her link.

~ Christa is from Germany and like a dear friend to me....
she said once Fall came, she would give me some starts....and well,
we all know how much I love a bargain.  I'm Ms Thrifty
(just in case you can't tell from reading my blog posts) 

~ So...yesterday, I had an appointment with Christa and truthfully,
I had forgotten it was Fall and time for transplants....
but when I walked in, she had
sitting and waiting for me.... 5 starts for bushes. 

~ After my appointment was done,
Christa took me out to see her yard.   
I absolutely fell in love with her back yard.
She has so many "Rose of Sharon" bushes in her yard.
She is going to give me some more but for now,
with the ground so dry, it's pretty hard to dig and
get any starts so I am VERY happy with my first 5
starts that she so very generously, gave to me. 

~ Here is a picture of my little starts. 
All I need to do now is plant them, water and care for them
and have patience because they will one day grow into
beautiful bushes and then I too, can pay it forward and pass along starts.

 I was blessed and given 5 starts,
but look at them and how far we
have to go before they will be beautiful bushes. 
I love that I will get to care for these as babies and watch them grow up.

The following is a little information on "Rose of Sharon"

The Rose of Sharon is a shrub that is hardy in harsh conditions.
This perennial can withstand dry areas in your yard,
next to the driveway and is a
great row plant between neighbors.

You can plant in a slight shady area,
they don't flower as well as they should
and could if they were exposed to more sunlight.

Though it works well without much watering and attention,
during dry spells you should give it a thorough watering,
especially the first year they are planted.
It is recommended to trim them back in early spring
to keep them from becoming stemmy.
This will produce a bigger flower in the fall.

The Rose of Sharon blooms from July through
September and comes in a variety of colors
such as white, purple, pink and red.
This plant will add color to your garden
during those late summer dry months.

~ Thanks for stopping by ~
~ Lisa ~

* I had to edit this post and make a correction because as I went out to plant these,
I discovered I had 5 starts and I thought I only had 3... woo hoo.

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